What do I need to know for the FE Exam?

The fundamentals of engineering exam syllabus can be broken down as follows:

1. Mathematics 15%

2. Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics) 10%

3. Electricity & Magnetism 9%

4. Chemistry 9%

5. Engineering Economics 8%

6. Engineering Probability & Statistics 7%

7. Fluid Mechanics 7%

8. Material Properties 7%

9. Strength of Materials 7%

10. Computers 7%

11. Ethics and Business Practices 7%

12. Thermodynamics 7%

In the evening session you will have to choose one out of these seven subjects:

1. Chemical

2. Civil

3. Electrical

4. Environmental

5. Industrial

6. Mechanical

7. Other Disciplines


All the questions will be asked relative to these subjects. For a more in-depth breakdown of the different disciplines have a look at the NCEES official link.

You can see a full description of topics covered in each of these subjects in the Reference Handbook provided by NCEES. You can download it for free from:


A hard copy of this handbook is provided to all the examinees at the time of examination. But you are advised to download it or buy a hard copy prior to the exam and review it.

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