Free Questions

Here are five quick questions to get you started with. If you join one of our courses you will receive the full answers with feedback.

Question 1

A radio receives a current of 0.4 A from a 6V supply for 15 minutes. How much electrical energy is used?

a) 3220 J

b) 3490 J

c) 3460 J

d) 2160 J

e) 2468 J

Question 2

A simple Brayton cycle uses air as the working fluid and has a pressure ratio of 6. At the beginning of the compression, the temperature is 27C and the pressure is 100kPA. The maximum cycle temperature is 1127oC. What is the pressure at the inlet to the turbine?

a) 900kPa

b) 600kPa

c) 400kPa

d) 700kPa

e) 100kPa

Question 3

The organic thermoplastic polymer Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) belongs to which "family" of plastics?

a) Mid-range polymers    

b) Commodity polymers 

c) PVC polymer  

d) High performance polymers    

e) Ultra polymers

Question 4

Lorentz force can be used to define which force?

a) Nuclear

b) Elastic

c) Gravity

d) Turning

e) Electromagnetic

Question 5

A1 for a single cell or B1:B3 for a range; is an example of a spreadsheet expression assigning a value to a cell or range of cells. Which of the following is a term used for this?

a) Actuation

b) Functions

c) Relational operator

d) Arithmetic operator

e) Reference

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